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The Lewy College Counseling Experience

The college search and admissions process is an exciting journey of self-discovery, empowerment and personal growth. It can also be complex and demanding. Lewy College Counseling (LCC) provides expertise, guidance and support throughout. We use a student-centered approach focusing on the individual and eventually leading to college options that are a strong fit academically, socially and financially.

As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.

                                                                                              - Rumi


The LCC Difference

At LCC, we do more than research schools and apply to colleges. We understand that applying to college and the reality of going to college, although very exciting, can also feel overwhelming. We take the time to educate students about what college offers beyond what they envision, leading to a truer understanding of what lies ahead.

Long Train Ride


Receiving all my award letters and acceptance packages have all blown me away! Porte, thank you so much for giving me the confidence to apply to schools I thought I wouldn't (but did) get accepted into, and believing in me. Thank you for planting the idea in my head that I have something to offer to others, and thank you for strengthening my voice and my confidence in my writing. Your endless hard work and sacrifice does not go unnoticed!


We are all so grateful for the help, advice, guidance and wisdom you gave Annie. Not to mention confidence! Your knowledgeable and calm demeanor helped her ease through this process virtually stress free. What a gift you are to the community.


Why college?

The college experience provides new opportunities to expand knowledge, opening minds to new and different ways of thinking; it teaches effective communication and creative problem solving. College introduces you to interesting people, gives you space to explore career options, and inspires you towards a life of discovery and growth. You will delve into yourself, question your world, enhance your curiosity,  push your boundaries, and embark upon a love of learning for the rest of your life. 

Image by Casey Horner

A Process Leading To Life Long Progress


Discover the steps to take throughout high school to support college goals. Begin planning with intention through discussions around the benefits of a college education, your dreams and goals, high school curriculum, standardized tests and extracurricular and summer activities. You get a map of high school.


This critical year is a time of self-discovery, exploring options and gathering information. We expand the conversation to include  the variety of college and university options available as well as readying the student for their college experience.  Students will: clarify college goals and research schools, landing on a well-rounded application list. Included are discussions on testing, college visits, curriculum planning and financial aid.


It’s time for applications and essay writing! Prepare to take a deeper dive towards self reflection and awareness leading to YOUR best fit college. Students will evaluate and finalize college lists, re-visit standardized tests if necessary, create a timeline and action plan for applications, and further discuss and organize financial aid and scholarship requirements.

Image by Eric Muhr


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